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Certified School Psychologist - Jacksonville (Immediate Opening)

This job posting is no longer active.

School Year: 2022-2023
Location: Jacksonville Regional Office
Region: Jacksonville, FL
Category: Headquarters
Job Type: Full-Time


Role Mission: IDEA Public Schools works to ensure the success of all students and to address any barriers which may impact students from achieving incredible academic and social outcomes. Certified School Psychologists, partner with regional instructional leaders, a portfolio of campus leaders, and teachers to maximize student outcomes.

The IDEA Certified School Psychologist demonstrates knowledge and skill in assessment, eligibility for Special Education, academic and behavioral interventions, state and federal legal frameworks for Special Education, and ensures compliance with Special Education compliance. Certified School Psychologists will help a portfolio of campuses support students and parents through problem solving interventions with students, who may be struggling both academically and behaviorally. In addition, Certified School Psychologists will provide direct student behavioral supports and track student progress towards IEP goals.



The Certified School Psychologist will demonstrate knowledge of and aid in the development, completion, and monitoring of IEP (Individualized Education Program) for Special Education Services as per State and Federal Guidelines. 

             Supports the special education teachers in developing appropriate IEP academic, behavioral, and social goals.

             Ensure services are being provided as indicated in the IEP

             Meet 100% compliance in Annual and ensure all paperwork is submitted in a timely manner.

             Works in conjunction with Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and other related and Instructional Service Personnel (VI, AI, APE, PT) to ensure completion of all paperwork in a timely manner.

             Follows correct procedures for maintaining records and services.


The Certified School Psychologist will plan and complete 100% of individual and group Special Education counseling services for all eligible students as well as intervene with all students in emotional or behavioral crisis on an emergency basis.

          Ensure all counseling services are tracked

          Complete counseling service notes per session

          Be trained in Crisis Prevention and Intervention (CPI)

          Conduct crisis counseling when necessary

          Guide the campus in interventions for students who are in emotional and behavioral crisis


The Certified School Psychologist will support campuses in implementation of 504, Critical Student Intervention (CSI), and Response to Intervention (RTI).

             Provide support to 504 campus coordinator with 504 meeting requirements, 504 eligibility determination, Homebound services, and Manifestation Determination.

             Conduct dyslexia evaluations for 504 students.

             Guide campuses in tracking and documenting academic and behavioral interventions in TIER I, TIER II, and TIER III.


The IDEA Certified School Psychologist will evaluate students with different disabilities and demonstrate knowledge of eligibility criteria for Special Education as per state and federal guidelines.

             Conducts multidisciplinary evaluations Full and Individual Evaluations for all Non-Speech only students who are referred for 1 or more eligibility categories

             Ensures psychological evaluations for Autism and Emotional Disturbance are conducted in accordance with National Association of School Psychologist’s best practice recommendations.

             Adhere to most up to date evaluation tools and standards as stipulated in the American Psychological Association Testing Standards

             Conducts evaluations as needed for student College Board accommodations

             Helps the campus conduct a Functional Behavioral Assessment.



The Certified School Psychologist will support the campus RTI (Response to Intervention) coordinator in tracking and monitoring students in Response to Intervention for academic and behavioral concerns.

             Ensure that campuses are employing a problem-solving model for students in TIER II and TIER III

             Guides the campus in how to track and document academic and behavioral interventions

             Aids the campus in completing Functional Behavioral Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans in Response to Intervention

             Provides guidance on academic and behavioral interventions in TIERII and TIER III

             When necessary ensures that students referred to Special Education have participated in TIER II and TIER III interventions for an appropriate amount of time prior to referral for Special Education evaluations.


Supervisory Responsibilities

          Provide program support to special education teachers



             Demonstrate competence in the psychological evaluation, diagnoses, and in the formal report of evaluation results of school-aged children.

             Demonstrate competence in developing and implementing prevention techniques and interventions, including a variety of approaches to counseling students and families.

             Demonstrate competence in collaboration, consultation, relationship building with a wide variety of individuals and organizations.

             Demonstrate knowledge, competence, and sensitivity in understanding, interacting, collaborating, evaluating, counseling, consulting, advising, and implementing interventions and programs with colleagues, students, and families from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities; with minority populations; and with students from special circumstances.

             Demonstrate competence in presenting himself or herself as a knowledgeable psychological service professional.

             Demonstrate competence in the skills related to successful functioning as a Certified School Psychologist



             Completion of a school psychology training program in Florida, which meets the requirements of the Standards for Training Programs in School Psychology.

             Completion of academic preparation in school psychology in another state and submission of academic preparation, as evaluated by the Bureau of Higher Education and Teacher Certification, judged to meet the requirements of the Standards for Training Programs in School Psychology.

             Level A: Issued to applicants who meet the requirements for the Standard Certificate and who possess a doctoral degree (such as PhD, EdD, or PsyD) in psychology from a regionally accredited institution.

             Level B: Issued to applicants who meet the requirements for the Standard Certificate and who possess a master's or specialist degree from a school psychology training program in a regionally accredited institution.


Knowledge and Skills:

             Knowledge of procedures for assessing achievement and intellectual, emotional, and behavioral functions for education purposes, including cross-battery evaluation practices

             Knowledge of prevention and intervention strategies, including behavior management interventions

             Knowledge of psycho-social development

             Strong consultation skills for conferencing with teachers, parents, and students

             Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills

             Ability to manage multiple requests, deadlines, and priorities



Salaries for this role typically fall between $66,600 and $80,600, commensurate with relevant experience and qualifications. This role is also eligible for a performance bonus based on team performance and goal attainment. IDEA employees enjoy generous paid time off and family leave benefits that enable personal and professional balance and flexibility. For more information about our total rewards, visit our benefits page.

IDEA Public Schools in Florida intends to promote and establish a Drug-Free Workplace Program to maximize safety and productivity in the workplace, enhance our competitive position in the marketplace, without experiencing the costs, delays, and tragedies associated with accidents that result from drug or alcohol abuse by employees. A Drug-Free Workplace means that of our employees must remain Drug-Free both on and off the job, and free from alcohol on the job. In holding to this policy, all staff members will undergo drug testing prior to starting in their new role with us.


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