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Regional Literacy Coach - Jacksonville (Immediate Opening)

School Year: 2022-2023
Location: Jacksonville Regional Office
Region: Jacksonville, FL
Category: Headquarters
Job Type: Full-Time


Regional Literacy Coach
Grant Funded Position

Position overview

The purpose of the Regional Literacy Coach is the improvement of instructional clarity, content, and execution of a balanced literacy approach in Kinder-8th grade. This person will build the content and curricular capacities of regional campus principals.  The Regional Literacy Coach is the regional team expert on our ELA curricula and programs: Amplify, Accelerated Reader, and Imagine Learning This full-time role will begin with the start of the 22-23 work calendar and will require you to report to both IDEA campuses on a weekly basis. 

This is a grant funded position and funding may be extended. A grant-funded position has no guarantee of ongoing and indefinite employment. All duties and responsibilities tied to this position are allowable and allocable to the grant.


Compensation & Benefits

Salaries for people entering this role typically start between $66,000 and $75,000, commensurate with relevant qualifications and experience. This role is also eligible for a performance bonus based on team goal attainment. 


Additionally, we offer medical, dental, vision, and supplemental benefits as well as retirement plans and a generous vacation package. You can find more information about our benefits at


* IDEA may offer a relocation stipend to defray the cost of moving for this role, if applicable.


Required skills

  • Lead strategic initiatives to build instructional capacity at schools such as providing focused analysis to leaders, building content capacity through coaching, designing professional development, creating deliverables that address strategic curricular needs on campuses. 
  • Provide organization, region, school, assessment, and student-level analyses and strategic recommendations to increase both efficiency and efficacy of senior and school leadership. 
  • Build capacity in instructional staff to deliver high-quality first instruction and data-driven interventions to close gaps 
  • Quality Professional Development for Leaders and Teachers: Implement school based and regional professional development. 
  • Regularly analyze quantitative and qualitative data at academies and college preps across the region to identify instructional gaps in ELA instruction and achievement. 
  • Design and partner with academic services team to provide timely professional development that increases the ability of teachers and leaders to meet ambitious academic goals in ELA.


  • 1) 40% of students achieve level 4 or above on FSA Reading
  • 2) 70%/40%/20% on FSA for level 3+/4+/5+

Instructional Improvement of Kinder-8th Grade Literacy Instruction: Provide analysis, strategy, and consultancy to develop instructional staff to improve quality of literacy instruction, such that:

  • All IDEA Jacksonville Academy and College Prep schools achieve an A rating
  • 60% of IDEA Jacksonville scholars in 1st-8th grade become AR  Word Masters
  • 10% of IDEA Jacksonville scholars in 1st-8th grade become AR Royal Readers
  • 50% of CSI  (Critical Student Intervention) scholars make 2.0+ year’s growth, as measured by RenSTAR
  • Campuses meet usage targets for student participation on Imagine Learning 

Required experience

  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • At least 3 years’ experience in teaching English Language Arts 
  • Campus leadership experience (API, Grade Team Leader, or Course Leader)


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Click here to learn about IDEA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Anti-Racist and Anti-Bias commitment:


Learn more about IDEA

At IDEA Public Schools, we believe in college for ALL and we are committed to ensuring that all our students graduate from college. IDEA Public Schools has grown from a small school to the fastest-growing network of tuition-free Pre-K-12 public charter schools in the United States sending 100% of our students to college. 50% of our students graduate from college in 6 years – that’s 3 times the national rate for students in our communities! 
IDEA was founded in 2000 as a single school with 150 students in the Rio Grande Valley. When interest exceeded building capacity, to meet the demands, IDEA’s co-founders committed to serving more students in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and beyond. We now serve over 65,000 students across Texas and Louisiana. Be on the lookout for IDEA schools opening near you—with continued growth in our current regions and new launches in Tampa Bay, FL (2021), and Jacksonville, FL (2022)! 

When you choose to work at IDEA, you are part of our IDEA Team and Family. You will work alongside team members who set and reach ambitious goals every day, are excited to continue to grow with IDEA, and work relentlessly to make college for all a reality.

This position is grant funded with (Insert grant name here) and will require a time and effort report. The employee
and the employee supervisor must sign this job description acknowledging that this position is grant funded.
Employee Signature: _____________________________
Date: __________________________________________
Employee Supervisor: ____________________________
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IDEA Public Schools in Florida intends to promote and establish a Drug-Free Workplace Program to maximize safety and productivity in the workplace, enhance our competitive position in the marketplace, without experiencing the costs, delays, and tragedies associated with accidents that result from drug or alcohol abuse by employees. A Drug-Free Workplace means that of our employees must remain Drug-Free both on and off the job, and free from alcohol on the job. In holding to this policy, all staff members will undergo drug testing prior to starting in their new role with us.


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